Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Top Tips for Accessorizing

Want a great way to update your look without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe?  I do! What am I doing?  I am using accessories to help me out.  Update or change your look with accessories.  You can change and update any classic outfit with some new accessories.  If you are like a lot of women out there, you shy away from accessories because you feel overwhelmed by all the options, or just plain forget about them.  One thing I have found is that even if I don't "get ready" just doing my makeup and putting on a hat and a pair of nice earrings I look like I have spent some time.  Nothing helps an outfit to stand out better than accessories!!!   So I thought of all the people I know who really have their look together and I asked them to offer me their top tip for accessorizing.  Some of these are repeats in just slightly different wording, this probably means that it is an important one!!  Thank you so much to all who contributed.

1.  Don't go overboard!!!  You don't need earrings, necklace, bracelets, rings and headbands all at the same time.  ~ Gentry James

2.  Focus on one key area, maybe a ring and bracelet with some flashy nail polish, or a headband and earrings.

3. Coordinate matching sets, like a necklace and earrings that match. ~ Joy Duque

4.  Don't be afraid to be bold sometimes.

5.  Show one area of your body such as legs, then cover up the other.  Don't show too much skin as it tends to look trashy.  Also be confident.  If you don't feel good about yourself no matter what you are wearing the look is lost. ~Adrienne Palmer

6.  Don't over do it on stuff.  Too much of anything ruins all of it.  Stand back and look at yourself in the mirror.  If you like it Great! ~Kim Nelson

7.  Match the accessories with the outfit and mood of the destination.

8.  Bohemian-style tassel belts, hoop earrings, and sequined handbags compliment outfits with denim or suede quite nicely.

9.   Accessorizing with pearls, thin belts, and brooches look wonderful with pants suits or business-like skirts and tops.

10.  Accessories are big right now because they have such versatility. ~Cate Adair

11. Always accessorize on three levels (top, middle, bottom); your top (jewelery/scarf/headband) should match your middle (belt/handbag) and your bottom (shoes)... However, only wear one accessory for each level, any more than that is too much.  ~Sam Villers

12. I'm a big fan of scarves. Invest in a great color and you can use it as a wrap on the plane, a sarong on the beach or take it out in the evening. I have one with all my favorite colors I use all the time. I have scarves in Indian silk, cotton and whisper cashmere. ~Cate Adair

13.  Self expression is a huge part of fashion!!

14.  Accessorizing is not be about picking a color from your outfit and paring it with a matching set of earrings, bracelet, necklace, etc. This is boring and expected.

Accessories should reflect you as individual and accent the colors, textures and style of your  chosen outfit. Accessorize with colors that compliment the colors in your outfit. Get familiar with your color wheel!

Less is always more! Never over accessorize, this takes away from the outfit and more importantly your face, which is what you want people to see.

Do Not wear a loud, look at me necklace with a heavily patterned top. Let the outfit speak first. Remember you are trying accent the outfit, not the other way around. If the outfit is  busy, stay away from loads of accessories.
~Terra Linse

15.  Understand your style.

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