Thursday, July 14, 2011

One of my Favorites

Are you getting the recommend amount of water you need each day?  I know this is something I struggle with, but to help me out I try adding different things to my water like lemons or limes.  Now it is even easier, I just add some lemon or lime essential oil instead and I don't have to mess with the seeds or worry about how clean the outside of the fruit is and I get all the benefits of the essential oils!!!  What are the benefits you ask...  Well they are very numerous, but a few I have listed below.

Lemon:  Used to help the digestive system, immune system and respiratory system.  It is been know to help fight food poisoning, heartburn, throat infection, varicose veins, purify water, dissolve cellulite, and anxiety.

Lime:  Used to help the same body systems as lemon, and is great for a boost in energy, cleansing the lymphatic system, sore throats,  and memory improvement.

Both of these oils are very similar in their uses, so if you don't have one use the other.

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