Friday, October 7, 2011

Good News

Did you know that "THE" in color for fall is RED!!!!  I love red, so this is great news for me.  But if red isn't necessarily your color, bright colors are in for fall.  I hope the trend continues into winter as it is so nice to have the splash of color amongst all the blah that winter can sometimes bring.  Fall is my very favorite season and having the bright colors that always accompany the outdoors of fall be a part of my wardrobe and accessories just makes me smile!  Happy fall!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Girls Night Out Accessories Party

Hey there having a girls night out, would love to see you there. This will be my last party until sometime in November. Great time to stock up on fall accessories, or even start your Christmas shopping.... yep it is just 11 1/2 weeks away or 6 paydays away or 73 days away. Message me, text me, comment on this post, or call me if you want to come and I will get you the address.
Shelley Hinkle is hosting a Purse and Accessories Girls Night Out. This is an open house event, so come stop by, bring some girlfriends and check out all the great stuff to help you look great and feel great!!! We will have everything from handbags $30 and under to accessories starting at $1 such as headbands, essential oils, jewelry, hats, envirosax and more.