Friday, August 26, 2011

Feel Great Friday!!

Okay here is a challenge for you this week to help you feel great, and really if you keep it up your skin will love you and will look great too.  This should be a little easier to do this time of year than in January, but try each day to get 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water.  So for instance if I weigh 150lbs I would divide that by 2 (150/2) giving me 75, so I would need to be drinking 75oz of water each day to keep my body hydrated at the proper levels.  If you follow the standard 8-10 glasses per day you would be drinking 64-80oz so most people come close to falling withing this range, but some of you might not need quite as much and some might need a little more.  The first few days will be a little rough if you aren't used to drinking so much water, but after those first few days of feeling like you should take up residency in the bathroom, your body will adjust and it will be much better.  When I am good at doing this I notice that I feel better, have fewer headaches, have prettier skin, more regular bowel movements, and less water retention.  I also notice I am not quite as hungry so you may even shed a few pounds trying this out.  I hope to hear how you are doing on this through the week, so feel free to leave me comments.

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