Friday, July 22, 2011

Feel Great Friday!!

We all like to feel good, but it is even better when we feel great!!!  I am always looking for new ways to help me out here, and I seem to find that a lot of the things that help me feel great are pretty basic.  Here is my long list of things that help me to feel great!!  Exercise, drink plenty of water, eat nutritious foods, use my essential oils, use herbs, get some sunshine, get plenty of sleep, say nice things to myself, set realistic goals and achieve them, get outside and enjoy nature, and read/learn, do cleanses, take a vacation at least once a year, get my feet zoned, dance, enjoy my family and bubble baths.  What do you do to feel great?  I asked several of my friends this very question and here are some of the responses that I got from them.

Honestly. Sleep. It's like when your kids get cranky you know they need a nap right? Same goes for me. Momma is cranky... Momma needs a nap!!! And showers, showers make me feel awesome! Relaxed and clean. (Can you tell I am a mom? I need rest and showers to make me feel good!!!) ~ Linda Knowles

I love to drink a glass of water w a little lemon juice in it in the morning. Helps my liver. I exercise most everyday and feel this is HUGE for me to feel good. I also love using essential oils and use them all the time on me and my kids. Sleep SO important for me. ~ Jess Graves

Ride my bicycle for about an hour...the endorphins kick in and usually my head is cleared of all the white noise.

Exercise and a small 30 minute nap!  

Keep my house clean. If its clean I don't feel stressed ~  Candi Merritt

Exercise and shopping are what makes me feel good about myself. If I'm feeling stressed out, I like to go out for ice cream with a friend and get away from my life for a short time. It helps to spend time with someone you can talk to.

Everything above plus associating yourself with positive, productive, happy, successful people!

Cook a great meal for the family.

Family cuddle time, a run in the rain, a clean house and a long shower without any interruptions from my children.



What do you do to feel great?

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