Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Okay so I am at the end of my pregnancy and I am nesting, and therefore cleaning the house and organizing.  I usually do this in the fall anyway, but this year I am doing it now instead of right before all the holidays.  I figure I will give you little tips and recipes on how I use my essential oils to clean as I go.  Today I am working on the laundry.  Essential oils are fabulous to sanitize laundry and linens.  We shed dead skin cells constantly (pretty gross I know) and they land in our bedding.  Dust mites live in our bedding, feeding off the dead skin.  Eucalyptus oil kills dust mites, and bed bugs!  Add 10 drops of eucalyptus to each wash load, or about 1/2 ounce oil to a bottleof liquid detergent.  Eucalyptus can also be sprayed onto the mattress.  Purify Blend oil in the wash also sanitizes the laundry. 

Essential oils can also be added tot he rinse cycle.  Drop several drops of your favorite oil. 

Purify blend was proven to help kill bed bugs last year with the bed bug outbreak, I am using this one today in my bedding as I wash it (not that we have bed bugs, but just to sanitize and purify.  I also love how clean and fresh it smells.

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